I am a writer and creative focusing on cultural, environmental, social and political awareness to help encourage people to be more aware of their personal impact.

You’ve landed on my link page, where below I’ve listed my latest website features, as well as a link to my social initiative, 24 Hours For Change, my contact details and my bio. If you want to head to the regular website area, just click on the Conscious Citizen logo at the top of the page.

Sit down, stay a while *pats seat*


Website Feature 1

Use your outrage

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Jo’s bio

If you’re into that kind of thing, here it is!



If you’d like to work with Jo, please email her representation, Megan Finney, at Chic Blogger Management - or you can email her directly on jo@jolorenz.com

by The Vortex Swim/Josh Munoz

by The Vortex Swim/Josh Munoz