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Let me save you the trouble and just let you in on a little secret: not all skin oils are created equally.

Face and body oils are kind of a thing right now. 

Years ago I tried one of Shu Uemura's fandangle facial cleansing oils, expecting the many miracles so many magazine articles had promised.  

I raced home with my new purchase. I carefully opened the box with glee - revelling in the anticipation. I turned on the shower and stepped in with a smile, delighted to be starting my new lifelong routine, which was no doubt set to transform me into an alabaster Goddess. 

Minutes later, I stepped out of the shower and turned to face the mirror, with wide-eyed anticipation. I was ready to meet the new me! And there I was. Red. Blotchy. Horrible. A lubricated vermilion mess. 

What. The. <beep>.

Defeated, I threw away my new purchase and vowed to the skin Gods to never again attempt using facial cleansing oils. Until now . . .


Recently reading British Vogue, I came across a new natural skincare brand, Votary.

Created by famed British make-up artist, Arabella Preston, Votary products use the finest natural ingredients, are suitable for all skin types and, most importantly, are 100% sustainable. 

I was delighted to sit down with the amazingly lovely Arabella, who was able to diagnose exactly what Votary products my skin craved in about two minutes flat . . .

"It's so important to properly cleanse with a good, natural facial cleansing oil, prior to moisturising," Arabella said. "A natural cleansing oil, made with pure, quality ingredients, will remove all traces of make up, pollution and SPF, leaving you with clean and incredibly clear skin."

Arabella explained that too many facial cleansing oils on the market contain cheap synthetic ingredients, which are known to clog pores and irritate the skin. 

"You need to try my Rose Geranium + Apricot Cleansing Oil, along with our cult-favourite Super Seed Facial Oil. See if you love them! I hope you will!"




Recommended for all skin types, this oil cleanser is beautifully light. It's perfect as a natural morning cleanse and also as the most effective, yet super-gentle, makeup/SPF remover at night.

And the smell! GAH! SO good!

The oil cleanser comes with a soft flannel/face washer - and the recommended way of cleansing is nothing short of perfectly ritualistic. 

From the very first application, my skin felt clean and plump. And when I tentatively looked in the mirror: NO REDNESS! In fact, dare I say it, my skin looked kind of amazing. 

Votary Jo Lorenz blog


Anti-irritation, anti-inflammation, deeply nourishing and anti-ageing. Super Seed Facial oil is a bespoke blend for skin that is sensitive, hormonal or showing signs of ageing.

This stuff is nothing short of perfect for my skin. Honestly. And it smells a little like pencil shavings, which - when you're a stationery addict - is essentially the best smell ever!

Just 4-5 little drops and, voila!, I'm dewy and clear!

Votary Jo Lorenz blog


Oh but I love this beautiful, luxurious hydrating body oil. 

I pop it on straight after my morning shower, and my skin remains hydrated and glowing with health all day. And as it absorbs so well, there's no oily residue!

Votary Jo Lorenz blog


Your morning skin is only as good as your sleep the night before, which is why Arabella and the team made this beautiful pillow spray.

The aromatherapy oils in this bespoke pillow spray bring instantly calm my mind and since I've been using it I've drifted off to sleep much more easily - yet more importantly, haven't woken up as often.

I've also used it on my kids pillows (although make sure your kids don't actually get their hands on it) and it's more than halved the time it usually takes them to fall asleep! WINNING AT LIFE!!! 

Votary Jo Lorenz blog


I am not going to lie here. I TRULY love these products. My skin is the best it has ever been. Even my kids noticed!!!

So without a doubt, I 100% recommend Votary to my readers and hope you love them as much as I do!

Votary Jo Lorenz blog

Thank you to Arabella and the entire Votary team for this collaboration.