The 12 with Josephine Aune

Josephine Aune Emma Elwin Jo Lorenz


Josephine Aune, Fashion Editor at ELLE Sweden, is one cool and eclectic soul.

Eternally inspired by the creative world around her, Josephine is an organic balance of soulful artist meets high-fashion savant.

“I am relentlessly motivated by creativity,” Josephine said. “I see art in everything and everyone around me.

“I adore the juxtaposition between fashion and style, that intersection where you create something true and accessible that balances high-fashion with high-street and vintage.

"Planning ELLE Sweden fashion stories, creating mood boards, pulling together the right team of extraordinary people – including photographer, model, hair stylist and makeup artist – it’s all simply magic!"


Recently, while on hiatus from ELLE Sweden, Josephine has been purposefully and patiently pouring her soul on to canvas, creating her highly-anticipated collection of paintings, Just Like Sunshine Stains, showing at Stockholm’s ODEM ATELIER.

“My life completely shifted last year, which forced me to face that every cell in my body was longing for me to start painting again.

“I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and if you let go of attachment, then everything will unfold just the way it’s meant to.

“For me, painting is meditation, soothing for my mind, heart and soul and my inspiration comes from the flow of life – the sun’s light, shadows and reflections.

“It’s all about perspective, self love, self care, gratitude, and the art of giving without expectation,” Josephine said. “My art is me on paper.”


Josephine Aune Jo Lorenz

“Josephine’s work has the ability to move the spectator conveying a sense of stillness and purity,” said Nikodem Calczynski, Stockholm-based collector, designer and founder of ODEM ATELIER.

“What fascinates me the most is her detailed approach and complete awareness. Creating is not only a part of her, it is all of her,” Nikodem said.



We asked Josephine The 12 . . .


Home city



Favourite city

Also Stockholm – I recently fell in love with this city again!


Define your personal style in three words

Oh, I can’t do it in three words! I’d say I am feminine and elegant, yet with a definite touch of masculinity. I like to layer clean Scandinavian vibes, with a hint of 70s and 90s style. It’s all about what I’m feeling on that day – and it has to be comfortable. Mostly though, I’m a details person and love to mix different materials and accessories. Some days less is more and some days more is more!

Style icons

Right now I have a crush on Lee Radizwill – she is the definition of timeless, grace and pure elegance. That woman! Also have to mention our 90s goddess, Kate Moss. Yet mostly, I get so much inspiration from walking the streets and on Instagram. Endless inspiration!


Words to live by

'Stay soft. It looks beautiful on you' – a poem from the book called Salt by Nayyirah Waheed


What is your favourite part of your work at ELLE Sweden and your art

To create every day in some way! In my heart, creativity is as important for me as breathing air and drinking water.


Josephine Aune Emma Elwin

Three people you want at your dinner party (and why)

 I have actually thought about this often and I would love to have a dinner party a group of powerful woman, each of us bringing something different to the table, each of us empowering and inspiring each other - but  I can’t possibly just choose three again!

My guest list includes: my grandmother, Elvi (who passed away 2012), Diana Vreeland, Coco Chanel, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ingrid Bergman, Jane Goodall, Louise Hay, Meryl Streep, Astrid Lindgren, Linda McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Virginia Wolf, Alicia Vikander and Emma Watson.

I could go on . . . what a dream!


Favourite drink

Champagne, coconut water, matcha latte with oatmilk, raw chocolate with cinnamon and oatmilk, rooibos tea or green juice. Choosing just one isn’t my thing!


Favourite book

At the moment it’s The Alchemist by Paolo Choelo. Although a really special book worth mentioning is Stoner by John Williams from 1965. Or Virgina Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway!


Three things always found in your handbag

Can I make it four? A lip balm by RMS or Mádara, my Mason Pearson brush, a crystal, and a pen and Moleskin notebook.


When you're not working, we'll find you . . .

Meeting my dear friends and family, who mean so much to me. Barefoot, grounding myself in nature or in the yoga studio - or walking around in the city without a plan. You never know who you’ll meet or what’s going to happen. Most likely though, you’ll find me searching for treasures in antique book shops. Books turn my house into a home and I love collecting them!


And lastly, what is your advice for someone looking to improve their personal style

The key is to know what you like and what you feel comfortable in – then stick to that, staying far away from fast fashion trends. Think timeless style and classic pieces in colour palettes you love. What lifts you up? When do you feel most beautiful and most at ease? Put some time into discovering what really feels like you and what lights you up.

Go through your wardrobe often and keep it nice and organized so you can see all the beautiful things you have. And mix it up! New pieces, vintage, second hand – high-fashion with some carefully picked high-street pieces. If you have a good base, then it’s easy to add the fun details like a silk scarf on your bag, a pair of sparkling vintage earrings or a pearl necklace to your look. And voila, there you have your own personal style!

Yet mostly, always listen to your intuition and mood every time you dress. Both less is more, and more is more.

Josephine Aune Emma Elwin

Thank yous from Josephine:

Firstly, I would like to thank my mother, sister and friends - love you all! 

Secondly, I am so grateful to Nikodem at Odem Atelier, who has written beautiful things about me and my art. Thank you Nikodem.

I’ve had the most amazing support from my work family at ELLE Sweden. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Life is happening every day. Thank you to you all.

And I’m so touched by all the comments and messages I’ve received from beautiful people around the world who tell me that my work creates emotions within them. I want the viewer to feel what they feel, which – much like life – will shift from day to day. Thank you all.

Photos by: Emma Elwin