The 12 with Sal Morgan

Sal Morgan NEO/PREEN Jo Lorenz

I am all about versatility . . .

A dress that can be worn 78 ways, a lip balm that doubles as a savior for frizzy manes, one of those cool shoe phones from the original Get Smart - you get the picture. And all in the hope that we think more carefully about the longevity of the products we buy.


Enter stage left, the unstoppable Sal Morgan + her NEO/PREEN Collection.

Sal has worked with some of Australia’s best designers, consulted to numerous international luxury brands, and worked in the bright lights of NY and LA for more than a decade.

"My time in the US provided me with so many incredible opportunities. I worked as a red carpet reporter covering movie premieres, events and award shows like the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the Oscars.

"I also produced cover shoots with Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne and Christy Turlington; spent time on the set of Sex and the City with Sarah Jessica Parker; and met Meryl Streep, who is just as wonderful as we all think she is.

"Yet coming home to Sydney in 2012, to work with Edwina McCann and the team at Vogue Australia was a no-brainer. My first day we were in Bowral (just outside of Sydney) shooting Nicole Kidman – two days later, we are shooting on the beach with Rose Byrne!”


While working at Vogue Australia, Sal was introduced to the durability and versatility of neoprene fabric, which is more resistant to degradation than natural or synthetic rubber, i.e. it's hella well made.

Fast forward to 2017 and Sal was launching her coveted collection of NEO/PREEN bags - which are designed to last for generations. The à la mode NEO/PREEN is the most durable bag I've ever owned. It’s stylish, resilient and laughs in the face of spills, sweat, snow and sand.

It’s my most multi-talented of bags – one bag to rule them all! - and withstands destructive little boys, sunscreen, and red wine – which makes it a winner in Jo Land.


We asked Sal The 12 . . .

Sal Morgan NEO/PREEN

Home city



FavoUrite city

Sydney again!


Define your personal style in three words

Less is more – and slightly sun-kissed


Style icons

My current crush is Margot Robbie. There is so much to love about this down-to-earth gorgeous girl from the Gold Coast! She’s incredibly talented and has just been announced as the new ambassador for the house of Chanel. Therefore, keeping it local, my three style icons are Margot, Cate Blanchett and Christine Centenera.


Words to live by

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine


What is your favourite aspect of your work at NEO/PREEN

I love working across all aspects of the brand, from the design process, to the packaging, to organising the shoots and the content for our social channels. It’s so great to wake up to an email from a customer or stockist telling you how much they love the product. It makes all the hard work worth it! Plus, I get to work for myself and collaborate with people that I admire and enjoy being with.


Three people you want at your dinner party

My style icons will do just fine, thank you!


Favourite drink

Pass the Prosecco! It’s bubbly without the bad head the next day (add a dash of Aperol when required – oh a little spritz)


Sal Morgan NEO/PREEN

Favourite movie

Pretty Woman. Because don’t we all want the fairytale?

Three things always found in your NEO/PREEN

Apart from the essentials of phone, keys, card and cash: The Great State, which is a multi-taskers dream! It’s a hand moisturizer, lip balm, tamer of eyebrows, insect bite relief – the lot! It’s the bomb. Plus a Nars or Stila lip/cheek stain, By Terry gloss, and Chantecaille tinted moisturizer.

When you're not working, we’ll find you . . .

At the beach! You can never grow tired of the Bondi to Bronte walk, followed with a dip in the ocean. It’s the perfect way to start the day. Burleigh, Byron and Bondi are my faves.


What is your advice for someone looking to improve their personal style

Know what works for you and then work it. Invest in staples and splurge on accessories – and make sure you always feel comfortable, yet also feel fabulous.





Sal Morgan NEO/PREEN

Opening image by me - the rest by Carly Brown