The 12 with We Are LEONE

We Are LEONE Jo Lorenz

Sisters Tallulah and Ruby Rufus Isaacs have always been surrounded by conscious creativity. Born in LA, yet whisked away to Rome when they were children, the sisters grew up surrounded by art, history and the philosophy of mindful creation.

After graduating, they both fell into the fashion industry, working for big names such as Alberta Ferretti and Armani, and gaining experience in New York, London and Paris.

Yet ultimately a more personal project was calling, and in 2014 the pair created We Are LEONE, inspired by the art of good living, travel and culture, and with the notion of sustainable style at the forefront of the designs.

“It’s so horrifying to think of big brands that turn a blind eye to how their pieces are made. Not caring about the conditions of the people that bring life to the designs that carry their names and branding,” explained Tallulah.

“We were adamant from the beginning that we would never let ourselves be in a position where we didn’t have total control over our production and supply chain.

“We are big believers in getting the best possible global materials, made by the best possible local artisans, and thus the majority of our pieces are made in Los Angeles,” Tallulah said.

“All of our silks are sourced from Asia, mostly Korea, which is where all raw silk originates from - and our agent visits the Asian mills all the time, to ensure practices are well above board. 

“There is a lot to be said for being able to go in and check up on the work and progress of our pieces and not be continents away, disengaged with the process. This a crucial part to We Are LEONE - making sure we are involved every step of the way.

“It was a very difficult process trying to find sewers who are skilled in silk sewing, as it’s an extremely difficult material to work with and requires extreme attention and care. Yet we are now thrilled with our production and have found our We Are LEONE experts!”

Loved by Net-A-Porter and US Harper’s Bazaar alike (amongst others!), We Are LEONE designs are incredibly well-made, unique, stylish to boot, and most importantly, based on a sustainable and ethical working model. Thank you Tallulah and Ruby for your mindful and beautiful creations!

Jo in the We Are LEONE Bronze trench. Made in LA using a sustainable working model that supports local artisans, while utilising the best global and ethically-sourced materials.

Jo in the We Are LEONE Bronze trench. Made in LA using a sustainable working model that supports local artisans, while utilising the best global and ethically-sourced materials.

We asked Tallulah and Ruby The 12 . . .

Home city

 Both: Venice, California

Favourite city

 Tallulah: Paris and Los Angeles

Ruby: Rome

Define your personal style in three words

 Tallulah: Carefree, masculine, sexy

Ruby: Classic, accessorized, bold

Style icon

 Tallulah: The Olsen Twins

Ruby: Lena Perminova

Words to live by

Both: You always regret the things you don’t do

What is your favourite aspect of your work at We Are LEONE

 Both: Getting to work together, seeing how much our clients love our pieces and developing relationships with them. Making women feel beautiful in our designs.

Three people you want at your dinner party (and why):

Tallulah: Timothy Leary: his wife is my god mother and I was around him allot when I was young before he died – I would have loved to have been an adult with him to learn more about everything he did and how he saw the world; Sylvia Plath: we share the same birthday and I share her depth so I think we would have some wonderful and deep conversations; and Kurt Cobain: so he could sing to me and go through my closet to play dress up!

 Ruby: Andy Wharhol: we would have taken some great polaroids together; Audrey Hepburn: to talk about style and comparing our Roman Holiday adventures; and Cardi B: for laughs!

Favourite drink

 Both: Spicy Margarita on tap!

Favourite book

 Tallulah: ‘The Secret History’ by Donna Tart

Ruby: ‘Shadow of The Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Three things always found in your handbag

Tallulah: A We Are LEONE piece, Nuxe oil and dog treats  

Ruby: Jo Malone hand cream, a book and dog treats!

When you're not working, we'll find you . . . 

Tallulah : Dreaming

Ruby: Cooking

And lastly, what is your advice for someone looking to improve their personal style and/or lifestyle

Tallulah: I’ve moved 12 times in the past six years and found myself getting rid of so much and only keeping the things I really love. It gives you a fabulous mind set to be liberated from ‘stuff’ and by surrounding yourself by only the things you can’t live without. This in turn also creates a more defined style by opening your wardrobe and loving everything inside. This helps you to take beautiful care of your clothes and makes you proud to be wearing what you have on.

 Ruby: Investing in pieces. The world is so caught up with cheap and fast fashion, and we believe in buying pieces that last and are timeless. We do buy lots from markets and on our travels that hold memories and add an eclectic mix to our style, yet we avoid all fast fashion chains where your pieces fall apart and you end up not caring about them. Nothing feels better than saving up for something you love and holding onto it forever!