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What is clean feminism?

I am a feminist. I believe all women are entitled to equality in all forms - i.e. culturally, economically, politically and socially. I believe all women have a right to an education, to contraception, to a career, to a vote, and to equality in their relationships.

I do not, however, believe in pushing the feminist movement in a counterintuitive manner.

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Feminism vs Fashion

The 2018 Global Slavery Index report states that $127.7 billion worth of garments at risk of including modern slavery in their supply chain are imported each year by G20 countries. These imports help to bankroll a global economy that trapped 40.3 million people in modern slavery in 2016 - 71 percent of whom were women.

If you identify as a fashion-loving feminist, then you need to know the facts.

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A coffee with Feminism

Feminism. Everyone knows her. Everyone talks about her. She’s been on the cover of TIME magazine three times now. Yet to many people she’s still the other-other ‘F’ word.

Join me in my tête-à-tête with the very talented Feminism, to talk to her about her changing role over the years.

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