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To go clean, or not to go clean: that is the question

The global beauty industry is almost entirely unregulated. So how can the average consumer wade through the maze of disinformation to make mindful, healthy and environmental decisions? 

Here are a few of the big-bad ingredients to avoid at all costs (and our list of favourite clean beauty products!) . . .

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The global beauty and cosmetics industry is expected to be valued at more than USD 805 billion over the next four years. However, despite these billions, this far-reaching global industry is almost entirely unregulated. Maybe she’s born with it . . . maybe it’s hella toxic skincare filled with repulsive sulfates and parabens.

Enter stage left, me always frantically on the look-out for clean and conscious beauty companies - and to this end, join us on our tête-à-tête with #CleanWarrior, Olivia Thorpe, founder and creator of award-winning clean beauty company Vanderohe . . .

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Conscious consumerism

Did you know that throughout the holidays, Americans produce approximately one million tonnes of extra waste a week? Or that Australians throw away roughly 50,000 trees-worth of wrapping paper?. More alarming still is the realisation that these figures aren’t in isolation. They occur and, in fact, increase every single year.

So what can we do to stop this far-reaching festive fuck-up?

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