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8am: yoga on the beach. 10am: dressing in my ethically-produced cotton jumpsuit. 1pm: organic quinoa. 5pm: carcinogenics and allergens. Ummm, wait . . . what?

Essentially in life, I want to create/possess outrageously cool, morally-made stuff, free from modern-day guilt and nasties, and to be a good little, ethical human being **pats self on head** You know, the Amish meets Givenchy. I know you feel me . . . 

However, up until recently, this hipster philosophy was completely non-existent in my approach to skincare. I just never really gave my 'routine' (I use the term, loosely) or the origins of the products too much thought - and I was I was simply resigned to the fact that I would always have volatile, sensitive skin.

And then something happened . . . something akin to a skin epiphany (yet less biblical). A friend introduced me to a skincare app called Think Dirty*, and my mind was 100%, pragmatically blown!

What the app informed me was that every single item I had ever put on my face was filled with outrageously high levels of carcinogenic materials and allergens. Yes . . . every single item. GAH!! And adding insult to injury, the simple bubble bath I was using for my kids (a household name, may I add), was phenomenally bad and slapped with the worst rating the app could muster! Ahhhh. Mother guilt, factor 10.

So my skin epiphany - let's called it a skin-piphany - meant I was determined to find natural and organic skincare products, pronto Tonto. Products that were simple, effective, ethically-made, and free of the cancer-producing nasties that had been sending my face beetroot-red for years.

Enter stage left, European skincare company, Phenomé . . . 

Jo Lorenz Hong Kong Sydney blog Phenome

The philosophy 

Phenomé is more than just a skincare company - it's an eco-innovator that genuinely cares about our planet. Phenomé carefully selects natural raw materials to ensure that the vast majority of its supplies originate from renewable sources and certified organic plantations. Organic certification means that no chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or pesticides have been used in growing the plants. 

The packaging is made of recycled materials (and intended for further recycling and reuse), with the outer cardboard boxes being composed of 80% waste paper and recycled fibre - and the bottles and jars themselves, made from 100% recycled plastic, or fully recyclable aluminum and glass.

Phenomé does not test products on animals, nor does it believe in using any methods that would cause death or suffering to any animal (in fact, Phenomé skincare products are 100% ideal for vegans/vegetarians). 

The products

What makes Phenomé's products really unique is its use of plant waters, which are beneficial to the skin in a number of ways and effectively calm irritated, sensitive skin. Bingo! The range covers products for women, men, mothers-to-be and babies (so no more slowly poisoning my children - YAS!). 

I am in love with European cult-favourite, 24 Hour Moisturising System, which is designed to provide long lasting skin hydration, with ingredients including aloe juice, passionfruit and rose extract, and sweet almond, macadamia, jojoba oils. You whack it on, and your skin looks smooth, hydrated and clear - it's that simple!

Also love the Non-Drying Cleansing Foam (which has been featured in numerous press articles for its sensitive-skin friendly formula) and the Vitality Shine Mousse Mask, which helps to restore skin to a luminous, healthy and even tone with active-ingredients including organic apples, lychee and green tea extracts.

Jo Lorenz Hong Kong Sydney blog Phenome

The outcome

As well as knowing I'm not hurting the planet, any little fluffy animals and my children's inner-most cells (!), I can now also take pleasure in having these products as a part of my grown-up person's skin 'routine'. My skin is clearer, more toned, more even and - dare I say it? - actually nice.

The feel, the smell, the results - and the wonderful guilt-free, hipster world of no carcinogenics and allergens. Yay! Like ethically-woven linen for my face.

Now to find an morally-sound way to eat ribeye every day. I am on it, people . . .

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Jo Lorenz Hong Kong Sydney blog Phenome

*The Think Dirty app is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products, It empowers ingredient-conscious consumers to choose the safest beauty and personal products. You can download it at the App store.