GLOSS MODERNE clean luxury Kuen Rameson Jo Lorenz

Life is filled with simple pleasures, none of which should be taken for granted. We are at the precipice of a mountainous shift in the way mindful people purchase and consume. 

Awareness is everything, and once people become aware of their ignorance to how products within their homes are made, what they’re made from, and who makes them, they find it impossible to continue to maintain that ignorance. This mindset applies to everything from your clothes, to your food, to the products you put on your body and, consequently, down the drain and into our oceans. 

Enter stage left, my favourite clean beauty haircare from the incredibly mindful and positive team at GLOSS MODERNE. Their complete range is vegan, as well as sulfate and paraben-free. 

Sulfates create that foam we’ve been conditioned to think we need in order to clean our hair. FYI, we totally don’t need them. Plus they’re also used to scrub garage floors (no, not kidding) and have been proven to cause cancer. 

Then there’s parabens, i.e. chemicals with estrogen-like properties which, amongst other things, can again lead to cancer. What in the actual what the?! And let’s not neglect that when these nasties are washed down the drain and into the ocean, the acidity in the atmosphere increases to form toxic environmental effects like acid rain. Ahh!

GLOSS MODERNE Kuen Rameson Jo Lorenz

We sat down with GLOSS MODERNE CEO and President, Kuen Rameson, to talk mindfulness in beauty . . .

“The main philosophy behind the brand is Clean Luxury,” Kuen began. “The perfect blend of more health-conscious and environmentally sustainable aspects with all the sensorial attributes of luxury.

“When I first started the business, I had been looking at high-end department stores for haircare that was free of sulfates and parabens. Concurrently I was also trying everything on the natural market in the search for products that actually worked and delivered any sense of luxury. I couldn’t find either!  

“So my main motivation was to create haircare that was clean enough for a natural market AND luxurious enough for a prestige retailer! I just really wanted my hair to look beautiful and do so in a way that aligned with my love of health and the environment (and look nice in my shower too!).”

How do GLOSS MODERNE products help people live ‘la dolce vita’, while also being more mindful?  

”When you use GLOSS MODERNE, you look good, feel good and do good. Our products are extremely concentrated as they’re free of bulking agents or fillers (like many other brands) which results in much less waste.

“Plus, without parabens and sulfates, which wash down the drain, harm ocean life and can have catastrophic environmental effects, you are supporting sustainability and our planet. 

“All this without sacrificing an ounce of efficacy or luxury.  Your hair will be the healthiest and most beautiful it’s ever been!”

GLOSS MODERNE Kuen Rameson Jo Lorenz

What are you most proud of with the business?

“That I’ve built a beautiful and meaningful brand that can make an impact in 170+ countries around the world - and that the collective effort of special people and partners has made it all happen.”

And what’s next for GLOSS MODERNE?

“After many requests from loyal customers, retailers and resorts around the world, we are expanding the GLOSS MODERNE Clean Luxury Collection into complementary sensorial experiences, through body care and lifestyle offerings.

“And we’re launching our offerings in multiple new fragrances . . . I’m elated!” 

GLOSS MODERNE Kuen Rameson Jo Lorenz

We asked Kuen The 12 . . .

Home city: 

Corona del Mar (in Newport Beach)

Favourite city:  

Montecito (in Santa Barbara) – although I love so many cities worldwide, Montecito is a rare gem I visit often

Define your personal style in three words:  

Understated, luxurious, modern 

Style icon:  

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Words to live by:  

When your heart is pure, all the universe conspires to help you achieve your dreams

What is your favourite aspect of your work at Gloss Moderne:  

I’m so grateful to create a brand that makes an impact . . . a tiny ripple effect around the world.

Three people you want at your dinner party (and why):  

Oprah (Because she’s Oprah!), Gisele (I love her lifestyle, love of health, beautiful family and of course her hair!) and Victoria (She is such an inspiration in design, brand building and love her quick wit and sense of humor).

Favourite drink:  

My favorite homemade citrus spritzer . . . I have it every single day. Fresh-pressed organic lemon and/or lime juice, a touch of organic liquid stevia and San Pellegrino or Perrier sparking water.

Favourite movie or book:  

The Alchemist 

Three things always found in your handbag:  

Mason Pearson comb, vegan lip balm and hand crème! 

When you're not working, we'll find you . . .  

At the gym – I love Equinox!

And lastly, what is your advice for someone looking to improve their personal style and/or lifestyle:  

Be grateful for every little thing in your life.  I believe that gratitude is a fullness of heart.  Gratitude makes everything about your style happier and brighter . . . and it brings beauty to every aspect of your lifestyle.

Thank you to Kuen and the entire GLOSS MODERNE team. I love your products, your positivity and your mindful approach to a stylish life. Xx