Lobby for renewable energy


Are you, like me, sick of political apathy preventing humankind from achieving substantive global change in the area of renewable energy? Then together, let’s do something about it!

PLEASE EMAIL THE BELOW to every local councilperson, every state member and every federal politician you can poke a stick at. Copy, paste and adapt this template where needed, and join my exasperated call-to-arms . . .

Dear <Mr/Mrs/Ms> <First name> <Last Name> or <Official political title and last name>,

My name is <Your name> and I am a constituent of your <suburb, municipality and/or state>. I am writing to you as a member of your electorate, increasingly concerned about the lack of clarity around the future of government support for renewable energy.

We are in the midst of a climate emergency. Yet this emergency is being over-shadowed by political paralysis. Clean air, water and a healthy environment should not be a partisan issue - yet I fear this is exactly what it has become.

Clean energy is a pathway to prosperity - economically, environmentally and socially - and a much-needed clean energy policy will shape the future of our electorate in seizing the common sense co-benefits of renewable energy.

  • Economics: Boosted by technological innovation and cost reductions, renewable energy is now primarily considered for its economic benefits in a growing number of countries. ‘Bloomberg New Energy Finance’ recently reported that renewables are now the cheapest form of new electricity generation across two thirds of the world - cheaper than both new coal and new natural gas power.

  • Environment: Burning fossil fuels produces large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) - and according to the ‘Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions’, CO2 accounts for 76 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. To counteract this environmental devastation, there are numerous sources of renewable energy - such as wind (on-shore, off-shore), solar, water (dams, tides, waves), biomass (including nonfood waste), and geothermal - which will easily meet 100 percent of our energy needs without the burning of fossil fuels.

  • Social: There are opportunities for local value creation, for responding to growing energy demands and for reducing conflicts over scarce water, which are aggravated by fossil power generation. The rapidly expanding renewable energy world is opening up business models for many, including local communities and citizens.

Renewable energy is feasible, sensible and attainable. As a constituent of <suburb, municipality and/or state>, I urge you to urgently declare a climate emergency and commit to the immediate planning for - and introduction of - an equitable and just transition to renewable energy. 

Our pressing need to commit to renewable energy cannot be understated. I assure you, I will be using my future votes to support elected officials who are committed to renewables and the climate crisis - and I will be active and vocal in my encouraging others within our electorate to do the same. 

I await your response with anticipation. 

Kind regards,

<Your Name>

When the people lead, the leaders will follow. So come on, bromies, let’s lead already!

Thank you!