Feminism vs Fashion

Feminism vs fashion

Call yourself a feminist? Then #WhoMadeYourClothes?

The 2018 Global Slavery Index report, published by the Minderoo Foundation, states that $127.7 billion worth of garments at risk of including modern slavery in their supply chain are imported each year by G20 countries. These countries account for approximately 80 percent of world trade.

These imports help to bankroll a global economy that trapped 40.3 million people in modern slavery in 2016 - 71 percent of whom were women (i.e. more than 28 million women).

If you do not know how, where and by whom your clothes were made, then you are very likely supporting modern slavery - 28 million women - with the purchase of your latest ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt.

Feminism is not about choice - it’s about equality and responsibility:

  • If you intentionally choose to buy products that are made under conditions of modern slavery, then I am sorry but you are not a feminist - you are a self-serving hypocrite

  • If you choose to belittle other woman through your words and actions, that is not your feminist privilege - this is your white privilege

  • If you choose to agree with Playboy's feminist theories and condone lap dances and pornography, or choose to cheat on your man because of your own inadequacies, this is not your feminist right - your “right to choose” - that is your duplicitous dishonesty and selfishness.

The Suffragettes did not fight so you can flatly label your ‘ability to choose’ as the fundamentals of feminism. Your right to choose to do something which adversely affects other women - or anyone! - is sanctimonious conceit and a metaphorical blow job to the patriarchy.

“I ask no favour of our brethren. Only that they take their feet, off our necks.” - Sarah Grimké

And to the sisters that label their vain decisions as their right to choose - get your fucking feet off our ovaries.

If you choose to turn a blind eye to a system that incarcerates more than 28 million women worldwide, then don’t get to call yourself a feminist.

If you choose to actively change your outlook and support ethical and sustainable manufacturing conditions, by advocating for change within the industry - then congratulations, YOU GET IT!!