Clean Warrior: Sarah Buscho

Earth Tu Face

Meet #CleanWarrior Sarah Buscho, the Californian herbalist who co-founded cult skincare Earth Tu Face . . .

What is your clean beauty brand philosophy?

Sarah: “This is such a good and important question! What my clean beauty philosophy has become is: what is good for the planet is good for us (and what is not good for the planet isn’t good for us!).

“In that vein, what is in our products is just as important as what isn’t in them. A magazine beauty editor once said to me that Earth Tu Face was the most ‘lean, mean, green, line’ that she had ever encountered, because to us it goes beyond organic ingredients. Organic is important, yes, but it goes deeper into sustainable plant populations, conscientious packaging and coming as close to zero waste as possible.

“When I formulate a product, I want to know that it is responsible to use that plant, not just for the desired treatment effects on our skin, but also for the growing conditions, the harvest, the trade, the planet.

“We think about the entire life cycle of the product from creation of raw ingredients, to all the hands that touch the components along the way in its creation, to the use on the body and finally what happens to it when it goes back into nature down the drain.

“Earth Tu Face products are created with: 100% plant-based and food-grade ingredients, chosen to heal; organic ingredients; organic cold pressed oils; sunflower non-GMO vitamin E; and reusable, compostable, recyclable containers, products and packages, all made in the USA.

“And our products are created without: animal testing; alcohol; synthetics; chemicals; fillers; fragrances; GMOs; palm oil or palm derivatives; toxins; and refined oils.

“We believe in truth and transparency in the personal care industry and, as I said above, that what is good for our planet is good for us, as we are a part of the earth.”

How do your products support a clean planet? 

Sarah: “We do this in a number of ways. Firstly, we donate to organizations like the ‘Center for Biological Diversity’, which works to secure a future for all species, great or small, hovering on the brink of extinction.

“We are completely palm free and ultra-responsible about our ingredients and packaging. In fact, we created our entirely biodegradable Skin Stick tubes, because we are committed to packaging that doesn’t add plastic to our oceans.

“We hand pour our botanical perfumes into real shell containers and always aim to link beauty with nature, mystery and magic, believing in the power of ingredients from nature to heal and deliver results.

“We want to connect people back to nature using evocative ingredients and believe that beauty routines are rituals that can connect us back to what is sacred.”

How do you and your business combat climate change?

Sarah: “When consumers buy from environmentally and socially conscious companies, they are supporting a clean planet. They are allowing companies to make decisions that heal the planet, employ women in leadership roles, and responsibly create everyday personal items.

“Our packaging, our ingredients, our production and our sustainable sourcing, are all mindfully thought out to ensure we are working and creating in the most responsible and environmentally friendly way. Every part of the cycle matters in the fight for our planet against climate change.”

Who are you inspired by? 

Sarah: “Mara Hoffman! I love how honest she is about fashion and how she transformed her entire company, bit by bit, after she saw the disastrous impact the fashion industry has on both the people and the planet - and could no longer contribute to it, as it was. Her designs are beautiful and lasting, and she is committed to a healthy earth.

“I am also incredibly inspired by Love Warriors like Dr. Jane Goodall and Glennon Doyle.”

Three words to describe the needed mindset to fix our beautiful blue home:

Sarah: “Stewardship, Transformation, Community.

“We need a global system-wide reorganisation to prioritise environmental, economic and social justice.”

Word, Sarah!