What is clean feminism?

Clean feminism

I am a feminist . . .

I believe all women are entitled to equality in all forms - i.e. culturally, economically, politically and socially. I believe all women have a right to an education, to contraception, to a career, to a vote, and to equality in their relationships.

I do not, however, believe in pushing the feminist movement in a counterintuitive manner.

So often I see women who call themselves feminists smugly bullying and belittling people online with opposing points of view. Endlessly aggressively debating (white) womens’ issues on their digital platforms, arrogantly pushing their own confined agenda to bolster their own privilege.

The very act of trying to propel feminism by using aggression, dominance and ego - or by being argumentative, boastful and vain - is in itself 100% toxic masculinity. Faarrk that.

Clean feminism is the positive and proactive act of living to improve and advance the intersectional feminist movement - **without** singular, circular personal gain.

Clean feminism is awareness of, and the consequent actions around, how women’s overlapping identities - including race, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation - affects the way all people experience oppression and discrimination. And in turn how we can all meaningfully have an impact in this space.

Clean feminism - like clean beauty, clean fashion and clean living - is fundamentally about the welfare and rights of all people and our planet - not about antagonism and conceit.

Leave the narcissistic, toxic aggression to the plebs. Let’s each of us use our strong feminine virtues - such as attentiveness, compassion, sensitivity and tact - as well as our strong masculine virtues - such as ambition, action-orientation and courage - to strive for cultural, economic, political and social equality for ALL women and ALL people across the globe.

Stop flexing your privilege and labelling your “right to choose” as feminism. It is not about choice - it’s about equality and responsibility. Having a choice is something to which we should all be entitled.