We live in a strange old world.

Kids’ lemonade stands are shut down because the entrepreneurial little dudes don’t have trading licences, yet global beauty companies are almost entirely unregulated.

Lack of regulation in this billion-dollar industry means that unethical beauty companies have unlimited latitude to lace their products with ‘filler’ ingredients, in order to keep their costs down and their profits up.

Yet, worse than this abhorrent greed (yes, worse) is the fact that these unnecessary ingredients are not simply harmless, diminutive extras - like adding extra sugar to a cake recipe - they are actual chemical-toxins, hugely destructive to our health.

These toxins include known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, which are proven to cause cancer. Applied liberally to the largest organ, the chemicals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Inevitably, when we then shower, these same noxious toxins drain directly into our oceans, where they cause endless amounts of irreversible damage to marine life and the environment

To counteract this assault on our health and our planet, we actively support and work with pioneers in the clean beauty industry.

We define clean beauty as:

  • beauty products that are ethically sourced, and mindfully created/produced

  • made without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients

  • made with a conscious mission to support health and with the environment in mind.

If you are concerned by the chemistry-lesson ingredients on the back of your beauty products, please push for clarity from the brand in order to encourage more regulation in this immense industry.

Alternatively - like we did! - switch to the burgeoning clean beauty industry and never look back.